"From the knowledgeable and extremely helpful staff to the highest quality and quickest delivery, Custometal does it all. Time and time again, Custometal always achieves reapid delivery during tight timelines and exceeds expectations. They are a company always willing to go above and beyond what is required."

Drew Covert, Senior Advanced Product Engineer, Gast Manufacturing/Jun-Air
"I was building an outdoor deck for my home and looking for a more weather-resistant meterial. A friend recommended I work with CPI. Today I have a customized backyard deck that stays looking new all year long - season after season."

Dr. Anthony Salvagione and Erin, Residents, St. Joseph, MI
"We have been doing business with Custometal for over 25 years. The quality and the servie is so good that we have moved most of our sheet metal business to them. This is a significant number of different parts. They always deliver on time. If there is a problem, which, is rare, they are quick to resolve it. They could not be a more helpful group! Every year we pick Custometal as our 'Favorite Vendor of the Year'. "

Denise Ott and Linda Eding, Printek